Diverse Talents

The Diverse Talents – diversity to the labour market project promotes the employment of foreign-language speakers and increases the employers’
readiness for recruitment, receptiveness and expertise in issues related to diversity. Also, it addresses the labour shortage in the capital region. 

The number of refugees and immigrants is increasing in European capitals. In the upcoming years, in the capital region, there will be even a greater need for quick ways to employ and integrate those who have just moved to the country.

Work Force

Work Force project boosts the employment of newcomers in Northern Ostrobothnia, focusing on the cities of Oulu, Pudasjärvi, Raahe and Kuusamo. The project is conducted by Startup Refugees in cooperation with a network of companies, public and third sector actors as well as volunteers. 

The project aims to provide solutions for the unemployment of newcomers in the region, labour shortage issues and the lack of available employment services for asylum seekers, refugees, and persons residing with the temporary protection status fleeing from Ukraine.


Ambitious Erasmus + aims to develop training materials and programs to support migrant entrepreneurs in creating innovative business ideas and customer-centric, sustainable businesses.  Another objective is to equip trainers to train migrant entrepreneurs in innovation, business idea testing and online learning.

Together with Startup Refugees (Finland)  Forward·Inc (Netherlands) and PLACE (France), we are aware of the needs of migrants and the skills and knowledge they require to succeed as entrepreneurs.  

The Industrial Pioneers

The Industrial Pioneers project, funded by the Industrial and Employers’ Confederation Foundation i.e. Teollisuuden ja Työnantajain Keskusliiton (TT) -säätiö, aims to secure a competent workforce for the industrial sector.

The primary goal of the project is to attract qualified and innovative workers to various industrial sectors. Immediate goals include providing migrants with training that supports their employment in industrial companies, offering information about Finnish industrial sector companies and career path. In addition, it aims to  increase the entrepreneurs’ readiness to hire immigrants.

Ukrainians Employment

Ukrainian citizens have long been present in Finland’s population. Since 2015, there has been a rapid increase in absolute numbers, as well as relative amounts, of the applications received by Finnish Immigration Service from Ukrainian citizens. Since 2019, they have consistently led the top nationalities of immigrants. The clear majority of these applications concerned a seasonal work certificate or a work-based residence permit. 

With the onset of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine however, Startup Refugees acted fast to support Ukrainian refugees in Finland through different services regardless of the raging labour shortage in the country.

Employment of Asylum Seekers

Startup Refugees has been actively involved in the employment and entrepreneurship of newcomers for over four years. In 2019, we decided to publish this report to make the profiles of 3,149 newcomers visible, to bring their skills and professional backgrounds to light, and to discuss some of the trends related to the employment of asylum seekers and refugees.

A job makes it possible for someone to avoid the pitfalls of forced idleness, with no other choice than to spend time doing nothing in a foreign country. A job is a crucial part of life for almost everyone. It provides a way of expressing oneself, a sense of purpose in life, a chance to make a living, a place to belong, to socialize, to meet friends and to learn new skills.