Consulting and trainings

Startup Refugees offers trainings and consultation in addition to the services that are free of charge. We can tailor trainings to the needs of your organization and/or your clients in various different languages. Please contact us to discuss pricing and your wishes in more detail.

Entrepreneurship in Finland

We offer entrepreneurship courses, workshops, individual and small group coaching, and business advisory services to immigrants in Finland and refugees in other countries. We host trainings and coaching on entrepreneurship to organisations. We can also tailor a service package to fit your organisation’s specific needs.

Here are some of the topics we offer training on:

  • Entrepreneurship course: practical and interactive head-start for newcomers interested in self employment, side hustles and starting companies that gives a general understanding on what an entrepreneur needs to know, develops entrepreneurial skills and mindset. We can taylor the content for your needs. Examples of courses done: courses to unemployed jobseekers and creative industry professionals.
  • Workshops and training modules on entrepreneurship. Examples of workshops done: From skills and passions to business, Facebook marketing for newbies, How to build up your professional networks in Finland.
  • Business coaching for small groups. Examples of workshops done: How to get started with business plan, How to get started with marketing, How to test market fit.
  • Trainings to organisations. Examples of trainings done: Planning entrepreneurship training to refugees, How to serve Ukrainian newcomers.

All mentioned services are available both online and onsite in English. Some services are available also in Arabic, Ukrainian, Russian, and Finnish.

Contact Kati Lievonen for more information at, p. 044 237 9572

Recruitment & onboarding support

many matters regarding recruitment, onboarding and briefing. We have multilingual staff and trained workplace mentors who can support the new hires on their first days of employment at the work sites.

Our Working Life in Finland trainings can be added in the onboarding process to ensure that each new employee has the skills and knowledge needed in the Finnish job market.

Here are some of the topics we offer training on:

  • Working culture in Finland (including topics like team work, attitude, and communication)
  • Employee’s and employer’s rights and duties
  • Contracts, salaries and collective agreements
  • Working hours, holidays and absence from work

All mentioned services are available both online and onsite in English, Finnish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Russian, and Bosnian. 

Contact Maiju Mitrunen for more information at, p. 044 231 0804

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We have a lot of first-hand practical experience about the opportunities and challenges of a diverse working environment. We have been a diverse team since the very beginning, and today we are an office that communicates in more than 15 different languages. We are in constant dialogue with companies and support them in forging a more diverse and inclusive working life.

Our DEI trainings support organisations to practically master leading diverse teams and understand the potential that comes with fostering diversity, equity and inclusion.

All mentioned services are available both online and onsite in English and Finnish.

Contact Aicha Manai for more information at, p. 044 555 3220

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