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Are you looking for skilled and motivated workers? Would you like to hire a newcomer, but don’t know where to start? Does your company need talent that cannot be found in Finland? We have over 7800 motivated newcomers in our Match Made in Startup Refugees database with a variety of skill sets and educational backgrounds: from restaurant and construction assistants to nurses, engineers, marketing specialists, teachers, lawyers and IT-specialists.

We can offer a workforce for many fields that are suffering from the labor shortage, as well as expertise that can be difficult to find elsewhere in Finland.

100 % of our candidates want to work and start as soon as possible.

For companies we function like a multilingual HR company. When you hire through us, you get continuous support during the whole recruitment process and onboarding of your new employees. Hiring through us is free. We are in constant dialogue with companies to support them in diverse and inclusive hiring. We are always looking for ways to develop the Finnish working life to be more welcoming for newcomers. Small and big companies from various fields, like IKEA, Fazer, Tietoevry, Freska, HIVE, ISS and hundreds of other companies are hiring through us.

What do we offer?

  • A fast and efficient recruitment service
  • Motivated and skilled talents for your company
  • Personal support for the candidates in their own language, including mapping of job seekers’ competence, professional skills and motivation.
  • Multilingual support for your staff at all stages of recruitment and onboarding, including pre-interviews and screening and, if necessary, support for organizing job interviews.
  • In addition, everyone employed through Startup Refugees completes the Working Life in Finland training and has access to constant advice on matters related to rights and duties.

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