Erasmus +

The number of migrant entrepreneurs is increasing rapidly in Europe. Yet this group has unique struggles and survival rates of migrant businesses are lower than national averages. This project aims to develop training materials and programs to support migrant entrepreneurs in creating innovative business ideas and customer-centric, sustainable businesses. Another objective is to equip trainers to train migrant entrepreneurs in innovation, business idea testing and online learning. Together with Startup Refugees (Finland) Forward·Inc (Netherlands) and PLACE (France), we are aware of the needs of migrants and the skills and knowledge they require to succeed as entrepreneurs. 

The project has three main activities: creating and disseminating new training methods and materials; training partners’ staff in new teaching methods and online tools; and organizing pilot training for migrants to develop innovative business ideas and for early-stage migrant businesses to test their products/services in an event setting. Through AMBITIOUS an estimate of 30 trainers and 50 migrants will receive training.

The goal is to design a training programme to trainers of migrants and forcibly displaced people to support them in creating businesses on a sustainable foundation that is based on tested market demand. Many migrants have challenges in understanding the needs of their customers and getting enough customers to have a sustainable business in their host country. This is due to a lack of identifying and understanding the differences in preferences, consumption habits, and efficient marketing and sales methods of their potential customers.

As a long-term impact migrant entrepreneurs are able to create financially sustainable businesses that have sufficient market potential and better
understanding of their target customers, which will lead to their better economical and social inclusion in the new home country.