The Industrial Pioneers

The “Industrial Pioneers” project, funded by the Industrial and Employers’ Confederation Foundation i.e. Teollisuuden ja Työnantajain Keskusliiton (TT) -säätiö, aims to secure a competent workforce for the industrial sector. 

The primary goal of the Industrial Pioneers project is to attract qualified and innovative workers to various industrial sectors. Immediate goals include providing migrants with training that supports their employment in industrial companies, offering information about Finnish industrial sector companies and career paths, increasing entrepreneurs’ readiness to hire immigrants, and providing support for the recruitment and orientation of immigrants.

Actions taken include organizing a training program that consists of a total of eight training days, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, automation, and the use of data in various industrial fields, as well as climate change mitigation and sustainable production, with project partners facilitating the training sessions. 

Additionally, the program includes two factory or workshop visits, support for migrants in writing resumes and interview coaching, support for employers in recruiting and onboarding international employees, organizing a “Working Life in Finland” course that covers the basics of Finnish working life, and conducting two larger recruitment events that directly connect job seekers and employers.