Meet Startup Refugees Entrepreneurs

Meet Startup Refugees Entrepreneurs and #BuyWithPurpose

Startup Refugees has supported hundreds of immigrants and refugees to chase their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
We have organized entrepreneurship courses, trainings, coaching sessions, and market validations all around Finland.
As a result, more than 200 newcomers have developed their business skills with us.

Here, we introduce some of the companies created by those individuals.
We invite you to get to know their stories, become a part of their journey, and #BuyWithPurpose.

Fashion & Accessories

Lahori Ink

Madiha Saeed

Taitajan Putiikki

Rähim Laali

F'Joy Couture

Omolara Kemi Odediran


Vivita Kaupere

André Handcraft

Maria Paniagua


Ojuolape Akinwunmi

Arts & Crafts

Nora Prints

Eleonora Prits

Reda Art

Reda Alyasari


Vivita Kaupere

Photography, Design & Media Creation

Kevin Kallombo Photography

Kevin Kallombo


Cesar Carvajal

Eduardo Tejedor Design

Eduardo Solorzano Tejeda

Food & Fitness

Being a migrant is not a determining factor to fail.

Startup Refugees' online entrepreneurship course 2020 participant


Emily Nguyen

Zestii Kitchens

Minaë Tani-LaFleur & Holly Conolly



Umair Awan

Startup Refugees pushed me out of my comfort zone in developing my business.

Startup Refugees' online entrepreneurship course 2020 participant

What is Startup Refugees?

Startup Refugees is a network of companies, organizations, and professionals who support the employment and entrepreneurship of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants. If you’re interested in becoming a network member or creating your own company in Finland, send us a message!

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