Startup Refugees projects in Northern Finland

In 2019, Startup Refugees received two types of project funding from the European Social Fund to support the employment and entrepreneurship of newcomers in the northern parts of Finland. Projects are coordinated by the Startup Refugees Oulu office. Here is a brief introduction to both projects.

Generation Work – Oulu

Generation Work supports students with an immigrant background to get part-time employment opportunities in Finnish companies. Startup Refugees has noticed that students with a migrant background have considerably fewer opportunities to get hired to part-time jobs or summer jobs in Finnish companies than native Finnish students. Many companies in Oulu, especially in the field of customer service, admit that they do not have many or any employees with a migrant background. Their recruitment policies emphasize the ability to present oneself well on paper: on a written resume and online applications. Often, a student with a migrant background – regardless of their ability to speak Finnish fluently – will be dropped off the recruitment process. This is due to the preconception that their language skills are not sufficient if these are not well presented on a CV.

However, young immigrants have a lot to offer to the Finnish labor market due to their versatile language skills and previous work experience. Many young adults have been working in their country of origin since they were very young: at construction sites, markets, butchers’ shops, car repair shops, restaurants, etc. In sum, immigrant youth often have far more work experience than their Finnish peers.

Despite the facts above, the unemployment rate of immigrants is 2.5 times that of Finns and the numbers are not seen to improve in the near future – not unless we start making long-term changes in our employment system.

Young people need opportunities, references from Finnish employers and work experience to fill in their curriculum vitae. If people get opportunities when they are young, they have better chances to be employed after they complete their studies.

Startup Refugeesin toiminta Lapin alueella

Lapissa maahanmuuttajien työllistymistä edistäviä toimia toteutetaan ESR -rahoitteisilla Lapland of Opportunity (31.8.2022 asti) ja Tueksi työpaikalle (30.4.2023 asti) hankkeilla.  Startup Refugees Lapin toimisto sijaitsee Rovaniemellä.

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