Support to entrepreneurs

Startup Refugees supports immigrant entrepreneurs in developing a business and need of information and advice in challing times such as COVID-19 virus. On this page you can find a PDF guide and videos including practical tips to entrepreneurs.

Coronavirus guide to entrepreneurs

Key information on corona virus related topics and practical tips on how to manage this time as an entrepreneur.

Content of the guide:

1 What to do when money runs out
2 What to do with employees
3 How to manage business now and in the future
4 Tips for restaurant, café and bar owners
5 Links to get more information


Download the Hard Times Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs as PDF

In English:    Guide for Entrepreneurs
In Dari/Farsi: راهنما برای کارآفرینان و دارندگان کسب و کار
In Arabic:      دليل اصحاب الشركات ورواد الأعمال خلال ازمة كورونا

Video info on how to get financial support.

In Arabic:
باللغة العربية لاصحاب المشاريع والشركات في فنلندا


In Farsi:
چگونه وضعیت پیش آمده توسط ویروس کرونا را به عنوان یک کارآفرین مدیریت کنیم؟


In Somali:
Macluumaad ku saabsan ee cudurka Karona