There is a limited amount of jobs in Finland at the moment. We support the business ideas of newcomers, and eventually create more jobs for everyone. We believe that working and using one’s talent is the most efficient way to integrate into a new society.

Do you have experience in starting and running a business? Do you know how it’s done? Are you interested in new business ideas? Want to get inspired? Join Startup Refugees and we will match you with people who will best benefit from your expertise. Every skill is needed. Every hour of your time will make a difference.

Become a Business Team Mentor

Startup Refugees Business Mentors offer support for newcomer’s businesses in various business fields. Startup Refugees matches you with a starting business in your field and organizes the first meeting for you and the suggested business team. During the first meeting we will make a mentoring plan according to the needs and wishes of all participants. Startup Refugees will support the mentors and teams all the way! Mentoring is voluntary for all participants.

Share your expertise

Startup Refugees matches people’s and companies’ expertise to the needs of newcomers. We welcome every business skill to the network and are constantly looking for support in all steps of starting and running a company in Finland. We are calling for marketing wizards and pitching gurus, legal experts and wordsmiths to join us! You can also sign up as a newcomer. You will have skills to teach to others!

You can sign up below. We will contact you as soon as we have a concrete suggestion for you on how to get involved. We will match you with newcomers that are looking to learn from you as soon as possible. We organize workshops and events on these topics regularly and organize consultation meetings with experts. We cannot do any of this without you!

Business Angels

Are you interested in the business ideas of newcomers? Looking to invest? We organize private investor rounds for our most committed teams. Join us and you will be invited!

    Join us!