Order a service. Support newcomers.

Startup Refugees supports refugees with employment and entrepreneurship. Order a service through us and you can do the same.

We believe work is the best way to find your path in a new country. Together with a network of over 500 companies, communities and individuals, we have offered over 770 jobs, supported 125 startup teams and provided 5500 professional training opportunities.

Why did we create this catalogue?

Startup Refugees helps asylum seekers and migrants start new businesses in Finland. We offer support and give workshops in Finnish business culture, legal issues, network building, mentoring, market validation and seed funding, to mention a few.

Within the past years, we have helped co-create some amazing and crazy business concepts that we thought you should know about. We handpicked the best and the craziest of them all and gathered those businesses under one catalogue.

How can you order a service?

Ordering a service is really easy! Just send an email to [email protected], and we will connect you with the business team in question.

All proceeds from your purchase go directly to the business team through the Startup Refugees co-operative. Each business team in this catalogue has gone through training by us and we have tested and qualified their services.

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