What is Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees is a social innovation founded in 2015.
We offer asylum seekers, refugees, and other immigrants support in finding employment, skills development, and starting a business. Startup Refugees has a network of more than 1800 members, including companies, government officials, NGOs, universities, congregations, research institutes, communities, and individuals. 

Everyone is welcome to join as long as they offer something concrete to support newcomers in employment or entrepreneurship.

Since the beginning, Startup Refugees has also collected the professional profiles of newcomers. For that purpose, we have developed a Match Made in Startup Refugees platform or ‘Match’ as we simply often call it. There are more than 7500 newcomer profiles in our Match database. The profiles include information about a person’s education, work experience, skills, motivation, and need for the next step in order to get employed. We also list the interest in entrepreneurship and possible business ideas.

We collect the professional profiles because we want to get information about newcomers’ real needs that always guide our actions. This means that when you offer something through us, whether it is a job or a mentoring opportunity, we always match your offer to the newcomer who has a real need for it.